Employment Law


  • Drafting and Review of Employment Contracts: Assisting in the creation and review of employment contracts, including terms of employment, confidentiality agreements, and non-compete clauses.


  • Advising on Labor Regulations: Providing guidance on Armenian labor laws and regulations, including working hours, leave entitlements, minimum wage, and termination procedures.


  • Representation in Employment Disputes: Representing employers or employees in disputes, including wrongful termination, discrimination claims, and harassment cases.


  • Workplace Policies and Procedures: Developing comprehensive workplace policies and procedures in compliance with Armenian employment law, including anti-discrimination policies and health and safety regulations.


  • Employee Benefits and Compensation: Advising on legal aspects of employee benefits, compensation structures, and incentive programs.


  • Assistance with Labor Unions and Collective Bargaining: Navigating legal issues related to labor unions, collective bargaining agreements, and industrial actions.


  • Compliance Audits and Risk Assessments: Conducting employment practices audits and risk assessments to ensure organizational compliance with labor laws and to mitigate risks.


  • Training and Workshops: Providing training and workshops for employers and HR professionals on various aspects of employment law and best practices in human resource management.


  • Advising on Employee Termination and Redundancy: Offering legal guidance on the process of employee termination, redundancy, and severance packages, ensuring adherence to legal requirements.


  • Immigration and Work Permits: Assisting foreign nationals and employers with immigration issues related to employment, including work permits and visa compliance.


These services ensure that both employers and employees receive knowledgeable legal guidance and representation in matters of employment law, helping them navigate the complexities of the workplace environment in Armenia.