• Trademark Search and Clearance: Conducting comprehensive searches to ensure that the proposed trademarks are not infringing on existing trademarks and are registrable, providing a clear path for trademark registration.


  • Trademark Registration: Assisting clients with the preparation and filing of trademark applications in Armenia, including guidance through the entire registration process and representation before the Intellectual Property Agency.


  • International Trademark Registration: Advising on and facilitating the registration of trademarks internationally through the Madrid System or direct filing with foreign jurisdictions, depending on the client’s business needs.


  • Trademark Monitoring and Enforcement: Offering trademark monitoring services to identify potential infringements and taking appropriate legal actions to enforce trademark rights, including cease and desist letters, negotiations, and litigation.


  • Opposition and Cancellation Actions: Representing clients in opposition proceedings against conflicting trademark applications and in cancellation actions against registered trademarks that infringe on clients' rights.


  • Trademark Renewal and Maintenance: Managing trademark portfolios and ensuring that trademarks are timely renewed and maintained, keeping clients’ rights protected against lapses.


  • Trademark Licensing and Assignment: Drafting and negotiating trademark licensing agreements to enable clients to commercially exploit their trademarks, and assisting with the assignment of trademarks as part of business transactions.


  • Legal Advice on Trademark Strategy: Providing strategic legal advice to optimize trademark protection and maximize the commercial value of clients’ brand assets, including advice on brand development and protection strategies.


These services ensure comprehensive support for clients seeking to protect and enforce their trademark rights in Armenia, helping them navigate the complexities of trademark law and leverage their intellectual property for business growth and success.