• Contract Drafting and Negotiation: Assisting in the creation and negotiation of construction contracts, including contractor agreements, subcontract agreements, and supplier agreements.


  • Regulatory Compliance: Advising on compliance with Armenian construction regulations, building codes, and safety standards.


  • Construction Licensing and Permits: Assisting with obtaining necessary licenses and permits for construction projects in Armenia.


  • Project Financing and Payment Issues: Providing legal advice on construction project financing, including loan agreements, payment terms, and mechanisms for securing payments.


  • Land Use and Zoning Laws: Advising on land use regulations, zoning laws, and obtaining necessary approvals for construction projects.


  • Construction Claims and Dispute Resolution: Representing clients in construction disputes, including claims for delays, defects, and payment issues, through litigation, arbitration, or mediation.


  • Liability and Risk Management: Advising on risk management strategies in construction projects, including insurance coverage and liability issues.


  • Environmental Law Compliance: Providing guidance on environmental regulations affecting construction projects, including waste management and environmental impact assessments.


  • Employment Law in Construction: Advising on employment-related issues in construction projects, including labor laws, union contracts, and worker safety regulations.


  • Public Procurement and Government Contracts: Assisting with legal aspects of public procurement processes for construction projects, including bidding and compliance with government contract regulations.


  • Construction Defects and Warranty Claims: Handling legal issues related to construction defects, warranty claims, and quality disputes.


  • Real Estate Development Law: Advising on legal aspects of real estate development related to construction, including property transactions, development agreements, and joint ventures.