• Pre-Bankruptcy Consultation: Providing strategic advice to companies on their options before filing for bankruptcy, including debt restructuring and negotiation with creditors.


  • Bankruptcy Filing and Procedure: Assisting companies with the preparation and filing of bankruptcy petitions, and navigating the procedural aspects of bankruptcy proceedings under Armenian law.


  • Debt Restructuring: Advising on the restructuring of debts, including negotiating terms with creditors, to avoid bankruptcy or as part of a bankruptcy proceeding.


  • Representation in Bankruptcy Court: Representing companies in court proceedings related to bankruptcy, including hearings, creditor meetings, and litigation.


  • Liquidation and Asset Disposal: Assisting with the orderly liquidation and disposal of assets to satisfy creditor claims, including the sale of business units, real estate, and other property.


  • Creditor Rights and Negotiations: Representing creditors in bankruptcy proceedings to protect their rights, including filing claims, participating in creditors’ committees, and negotiating settlements.


  • Corporate Recovery and Turnaround Strategies: Advising on strategies for corporate recovery and turnaround to exit bankruptcy and return to profitability.


  • Employee and Labor Issues: Advising on employment and labor issues arising from bankruptcy, including layoffs, employee claims, and negotiations with unions.


  • Tax Implications of Bankruptcy: Advising on the tax implications of bankruptcy for companies and their stakeholders, including potential liabilities and tax planning opportunities.


  • Insolvency Litigation: Representing clients in litigation arising from insolvency proceedings, including disputes with creditors, challenges to bankruptcy filings, and fraudulent transfer claims.


  • Cross-Border Insolvency: Advising on issues related to cross-border insolvency, including the recognition of foreign bankruptcy proceedings and cooperation with foreign trustees.


  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring compliance with Armenian regulatory requirements throughout the bankruptcy process, including filings with the Armenian Registry of Legal Entities and compliance with securities regulations.