Юридическая Экспертиза

Юридическая Экспертиза

Legal Due Diligence
  • Corporate Structure and Governance: Reviewing the target entity’s corporate structure, governance documents, and compliance with local corporate laws to ensure proper incorporation and operational legitimacy.


  • Financial Obligations and Liabilities: Investigating existing financial obligations, including loans, leases, and other liabilities, to assess the financial health and obligations of the business.


  • Contracts and Agreements Review: Examining material contracts and agreements, such as supplier agreements, customer contracts, partnership agreements, and nondisclosure agreements, for terms, obligations, and potential liabilities.


  • Employment Law Compliance: Assessing compliance with employment laws, reviewing employment contracts, policies, and procedures, and identifying potential labor disputes or liabilities.


  • Intellectual Property Audit: Conducting a thorough audit of the intellectual property portfolio, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, to verify ownership, validity, and potential infringements.


  • Real Estate and Property Analysis: Reviewing titles, leases, and environmental assessments for any real estate owned or used by the company to identify potential issues or encumbrances.


  • Regulatory Compliance Check: Ensuring compliance with all relevant local and international regulations, including data protection laws, environmental regulations, and industry-specific requirements.


  • Litigation and Dispute Review: Identifying any ongoing, pending, or potential litigation or disputes involving the company that could impact the transaction or the company’s value.


  • Taxation and Financial Compliance: Evaluating the company’s compliance with taxation laws, including reviewing past tax filings, assessments, and any potential tax liabilities or exposures.


  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategies: Providing a comprehensive risk assessment based on the due diligence findings and recommending strategies to mitigate identified risks.


These services aim to equip clients with a clear understanding of the legal risks and liabilities associated with their potential transactions, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning in Armenia.