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Thanks to our experience, professionalism, dedication and innovative approach, we always strive for excellence in legal services.

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We are active, accurate, inventive, and determined to navigate you through today's complex business world as we understand your perspective and priorities.

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We have built a reliable reputation for our commitment to driving results as we bring specific insight and dispassionate judgment to each situation and for each problem.

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We are organized to offer more than just legal services by understanding your long-term issues and caring about your business concerns as much as you do.

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The construction industry is a dynamic sector that plays a pivotal role in economic growth and development. However, with its complex regulatory framework and intricate contractual relationships, legal issues can arise, necessitating expert guidan...

The energy industry is at the heart of global economic growth, encompassing a wide array of sectors from renewable energy to oil and gas. In this dynamic and heavily regulated field, legal expertise is crucial. At ACTA, we specialize in providing...

The entertainment industry is a dynamic and multifaceted realm that encompasses various sectors, including film, television, music, gaming, and more. In this fast-paced environment, legal services play a pivotal role in safeguarding the interests...

In an ever-evolving financial landscape, the need for specialized legal services has never been more crucial. At ACTA, we understand the intricate complexities of the finance industry and are committed to providing comprehensive legal support to f...

In an era of rapid advancements and complex regulations, the healthcare industry requires precise legal guidance to navigate its unique challenges. At ACTA, we recognize the critical role that legal services play in the healthcare sector. Our  tea...

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, legal expertise is essential. At ACTA, we offer tailored services to support manufacturers in compliance, risk management, and growth. Discover how our focused legal assistance can benefit your manufacturi...

The natural resources industry plays a pivotal role in global economies, supplying essential raw materials and energy sources. At ACTA, we understand the intricate legal landscape that governs this sector. Our team of legal professionals specializ...

Real estate transactions are pivotal moments in the lives of individuals and businesses alike. Navigating the complexities of property law requires expert legal guidance. At ACTA, we understand the significance of real estate ventures and offer sp...

In the ever-evolving world of technology, the need for expert legal guidance has never been greater. The technology industry is characterized by rapid innovation, complex regulations, and global reach. At ACTA, we understand the significance of te...

The telecommunications industry is the backbone of modern global connectivity. With technological advancements driving rapid change, navigating this complex sector requires expert legal guidance. We recognize the critical role that legal services...


Administrative Law

  • Consultation on Regulatory Compliance: Advising businesses and individuals on how to comply with the specific regulations and standards set by Armenian government agencies.


  • Representation in A...

Antitrust & Competition

  • Antitrust Compliance Programs: Developing and implementing antitrust compliance programs for businesses to ensure adherence to Armenian competition laws and prevent violations.
Banking & Finance

  • Regulatory Compliance and Advisory: Advising banks, financial institutions, and fintech companies on compliance with Armenian banking and financial regulations, including the Central Bank of Armenia's requirements.



  • Pre-Bankruptcy Consultation: Providing strategic advice to companies on their options before filing for bankruptcy, including debt restructuring and negotiation with creditors.


  • Bankruptcy Fili...

Business Consulting

  • Business Formation and Structuring: Assisting in the formation of businesses, including advice on the most suitable legal structure (e.g., LLC, partnership, corporation), registration processes, and initial structuring.


Commercial Regulations

  • Compliance with Commercial Laws: Advising businesses on compliance with Armenian commercial laws and regulations, including consumer protection, fair trading, and company law.


  • Business Licensi...


  • Contract Drafting and Negotiation: Assisting in the creation and negotiation of construction contracts, including contractor agreements, subcontract agreements, and supplier agreements.


  • Regula...


  • Contract Drafting: Crafting clear, precise, and legally binding contracts tailored to the specific needs and objectives of clients, including sales contracts, service agreements, and lease agreements.


Corporate Law

  • Company Formation and Registration: Assisting with the legal aspects of forming and registering different types of corporate entities in Armenia, including compliance with local regulations and corporate structuring.



  • Copyright Registration: Assisting clients with the process of registering copyrights to protect their original works, including literary, musical, dramatic, and artistic works.


  • Copyright Enfor...

Data Privacy

  • Data Privacy Compliance Audits: Conducting comprehensive audits of clients' data processing activities to ensure compliance with Armenian data protection laws and international privacy standards.


  • ...

Debt Restructuring

  • Debt Restructuring Negotiations: Assisting clients in negotiating with creditors to restructure existing debts, including modifying payment terms, interest rates, and loan durations.


  • Formulati...

Employment Law

  • Drafting and Review of Employment Contracts: Assisting in the creation and review of employment contracts, including terms of employment, confidentiality agreements, and non-compete clauses.


  • A...

Foreign Investments

  • Investment Structuring and Strategy: Advising foreign investors on the optimal structures and strategies for their investments in Armenia, including joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, and direct investments.




  • Franchise Agreement Drafting and Review: Assisting in the drafting, reviewing, and negotiating of franchise agreements to ensure they meet legal standards and protect client interests.


  • Regulat...

Migration Services

  • Visa Application and Renewal: Assisting clients with the application and renewal of various types of visas, including tourist, business, student, and work visas.


  • Residency Permits: Pr...

Intellectual Property

  • atent Prosecution and Protection: Assisting clients with patent applications, including drafting and filing patents, conducting prior art searches, and representing clients in patent prosecution proceedings to protect inventions and techn...

International Trade

  • Customs Compliance and Advice: Assisting businesses with customs regulations, tariff classifications, valuations, duties, and taxes to ensure compliance with Armenian customs laws and international customs procedures.


Legal Due Diligence

  • Corporate Structure and Governance: Reviewing the target entity’s corporate structure, governance documents, and compliance with local corporate laws to ensure proper incorporation and operational legitimacy.



  • Civil Litigation: Handling disputes between individuals or organizations in areas such as contracts, property, personal injury, and family law.


  • Commercial and Business Litigation: Res...

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Due Diligence: Conducting thorough legal due diligence to identify potential risks and liabilities associated with the target company, including financial, legal, and regulatory aspects.


  • Trans...

Nonprofit Organizations

  • Formation and Registration: Assisting with the legal formation of nonprofit organizations, including drafting of founding documents, bylaws, and registration with relevant Armenian authorities.


Pro Bono

  • Legal Clinics for Low-Income Individuals: Organizing legal clinics to offer free legal advice to low-income individuals on issues such as housing, employment, family law, and social benefits.


  • ...

Real Estate

  • Property Transactions: Assisting clients with the purchase, sale, and transfer of residential, commercial, and industrial real estate, including drafting and reviewing contracts, conducting due diligence, and closing transactions.
  • <...

Start-Up Advisory

  • Business Formation and Structuring: Advising on the selection of the appropriate business entity (e.g., LLC, joint-stock company), assistance with incorporation, and guidance on the legal structure to optimize for tax and operational effi...

Tax & Planning

  • Tax Compliance: Assisting clients with the preparation and submission of tax returns, ensuring compliance with Armenian tax laws and regulations for individuals, corporations, and other entities.



  • Trademark Search and Clearance: Conducting comprehensive searches to ensure that the proposed trademarks are not infringing on existing trademarks and are registrable, providing a clear path for trademark registration.