Natural Resources & Mining

Natural Resources & Mining

Natural Resources & Mining

Real industry expertise is our bedrock. At our core are lawyers, recognised as industry leaders in their own right, who work exclusively on deals in the mining sector and have done for 15 years, including in-house at major, mid-cap and junior mining companies and mining investment funds. We know and deeply understand the macro-economic and regional risks and opportunities most relevant to your business. 

The natural resources and subsoil use practice has many years of industry specific experience accumulated by the lawyers of our Firm at its base. It includes providing legal support to clients on a wide range of issues, including those relevant to the mining, oil, gas, coal and chemical industries.

We provide advice on licensing to companies in the fuel and energy sector, investors and transport and processing companies. We conduct legal due diligence, assist in negotiations with executive authorities and defend the interests of our clients in courts. We help our clients ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, to anticipate potential risks, and to minimize third party claims.

We also know and track the players, assets, market trends and commodity fundamentals. And we understand the technical side of the business—the underlying chemistry and geology and how mining works operationally.

We are completely comfortable advising at all points in the mining & metals cycle. We understand that as the sector moves, our team needs to change with it. Being resilient in the mining & metals industry does not mean standing still. This means taking advantage of the opportunities and managing risks at all points in the volatile mining & metals life cycle. We can deliver a team of lawyers who can seamlessly advise on the technical aspects of the transaction while keeping an eye on the industry.

We act on the following types of matters:

  • Legal support for ongoing activities of companies with subsoil use issues, including comprehensive legal due diligence of projects, legal analysis of subsoil use rights, development of draft subsoil use agreements;
  • Consultation and legal support on obtaining licenses, including re-issuing and renewing a licenses for subsoil use, as well as termination and transfer of rights for subsoil use;
  • Legal support of participation in auctions and tenders for obtaining subsoil rights, as well as challenging such tenders;
  • Assessment of risks of suspension or early termination of subsoil rights;
  • Representation of clients' interests before the state authorities and courts in disputes related to exploration and production of minerals, as well as in the execution of subsoil use contracts, including through international arbitration.
  • Advising on legislation drafting issues, including the preparation of draft regulatory legal acts and support for their approval.